Confluence Zen Center STL

A St. Louis based Zen community dedicated to zazen

Interfaith Peace Picnic 17 Oct

The Zen Center will be participating at the Interfaith Peace Picnic on 17 October. This is an opportunity for those of different beliefs to get together and reinforce that peace and community are paramount regardless of one’s beliefs. We all have to live together and respect others.

There will be family-friendly interfaith activities, such as music, information tables, presentations, performances, and children’s activities.

The Zen Center will be a vendor for tea and our amazing green tea ice cream.

Please stop by to say hi and perhaps learn more about us. We are an open and friendly group to all.

Fall Study Group 14 Oct – 18 Nov 2021

Starting the 14th of October, the Confluence Zen Center will be having a study group going over the book Unfathomable Depths: Drawing Wisdom For Today From A Classical Zen Poem. The study group will be led by our teacher, Daigaku Rummé, who helped translate the book.

The suggested donation if $40 ($20 for members). You can register by calling the the Zen Center at 314.669.4465 or email at

The Calm After The Storm

The Japanese Festival was a lot of work, but it was a rousing success. The rain on the first day did little to suppress attendance and the following two days were beautiful. The stand was busy pretty much from the beginning until the end.

Thanks to all the volunteers who gave up time to help foster that success. Without them, the Center couldn’t have done it.

The equipment is packed away, waiting for next year’s Festival.

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