Daigaku Rummé was born in Mason City, Iowa in 1950.
He was ordained a Soto priest by Sekkei Harada
Roshi in 1978. For more than twenty-seven years,
he practiced under Harada Roshi at Hosshin-ji
Monastery in Fukui, Japan. In March 2003, he moved
to San Francisco to work on the staff of the Soto
Zen Buddhism International Center. For the seven
years he worked there, he resided at the San
Francisco Zen Center. In April 2010, Rummé moved
to Los Angeles where he worked as the Director of
the Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office and as
the Head Priest of Zenshuji Soto Temple. In April
2015, he resigned from his position in Los Angeles
and moved to St. Louis.

He is the translator of the Essence of Zen and, with Heiko Narrog,
Unfathomable Depths, both by Harada Roshi, both published by
Wisdom Publications.

Please come sit with us and meet Daigaku at our new location of 7112 St James Square, Maplewood, MO 63143. (More information can be found under Contact Us and Practice Schedule.) Daigaku will be conducting an Introduction to Zen Meditation class on an ongoing basis. (See Events.)