It’s not a fun thing to talk about, but we believe at CZC that all people should have a safe and calm experience while at our center or at any events for which we may be attending/volunteering.

Below are the first two paragraphs that sum up CZC’s position of non-tolerance of any forms of harassment:

  1. Organizations have an ethical duty, and in many instances a legal duty, to maintain an environment that is free from sexual harassment and to have a sexual harassment prevention policy that is in writing
  2. Such a policy indicates that sexual harassment is not tolerated by the organization, and that anyone, no matter their status or standing in the organization, will be subject to discipline for violating this policy

As per the document, we have a Grievance Committee set up to investigate all allegations of impropriety and anyone in the board or the committee can be contacted to start a case. Note, it is always an option that one may contact any local, state, or federal authorities/agencies.

A downloadable copy of the entire policy is provided below: