Members are very important to our Zen community, our Sangha. While no one needs to formally join the Confluence Zen Center in order to participate in our zendo practice or to participate in ongoing committees, CZC is only able to exist through contributions of time and money by committed supporters. Membership pledges are the cornerstone of the budget and make it possible for the Board to plan, and for the Treasurer to pay the bills.

CZC offers three levels of membership to people who wish to be move involved in the Sangha:

Basic Member @ $15/month or $180/year

General Member @ $30/month or $360/year

Sustaining Member @ $50/month or $600/year

All levels of membership receive the same benefits, which include reduced prices for classes, One-Day Sittings and Sesshins. Members may borrow books from the growing CZC library. Members may also have private meetings with the resident teacher to introduce themselves and discuss their meditation practice.

Members may want to assume more responsibilities for sustaining the Center on a regular, week-to-week basis by doing things such as ringing the bell for zazen, leading chanting, cleaning, taking care of the altar, or making tea.

Members also play a legal role in accordance with CZC’s Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. Members both elect Directors and may themselves serve on the Board of Directors. Periodically, other issues will come before the membership for a vote, and members are kept informed about questions of special importance. In short, these members help create the future of CZC by their voting choices.

Members are eligible to vote in the election of the Board of Directors after one year’s membership.

Members, after one year of membership, can approve amendments to the Bylaws at the Annual Meeting which is usually held in late January.

Members, after one year of membership, can approve the hiring of teachers when/if a vacancy arises.

All members are eligible to serve on committees as established by the Board of Directors.

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend at least one Board Meeting per year.

Members are eligible for election to the Board of Directors after one year of membership. In addition, they must fulfill one of the following requirements:

a) Sit for at least twelve (12) periods of zazen in the previous calendar year at CZC, or

b) Attend at least eight (8) CZC study group or class meetings in the previous calendar year, or

c) Attend a combination of periods of zazen and CZC study group or class meetings to total at least twelve (12).

A completed annual membership form is required yearly by the end of January. This is necessary to update membership information including the level of membership and commitment.

In order to receive the benefits described above, membership dues are required to be current. Dues can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually.

Without you — our Members and Sangha — CZC would not exist. We are so very grateful for your interest and participation. Thank you!