Embracing diversity, the Confluence Zen Center expresses the fundamental connection of all people by welcoming everyone to the practice of Zazen.

May all beings realize their true nature.


CZC Will Be Closed During Hokyoji Sesshin

CZC will be closed on the following dates to accommodate participation in the Hokyoji Sesshin, which will be held online this year:

CLOSED:  Monday, August 10, Tuesday, August 11 and Thursday, August 13 ONLY

Below is a copy of a letter from our resident teacher, Rev. Daigaku Rumme´ inviting everyone to take part in the Hokyoji Sesshin:


CZC Members and Supporters,

As you may know, Confluence Zen Center has been open for the past three weeks for our regularly scheduled zazen. We are taking the necessary precautions to protect the people who come to sit with us. We are also continuing to use Zoom for those who are unable to come to the Center.

I’m writing to encourage you to participate in the upcoming Jewel Mirror Sesshin held at Hokyoji Zen Practice Community in southeastern Minnesota. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s sesshin will be held online via Zoom from the evening of Monday, Aug. 10th through Saturday, August 15th.

For those of you who are not familiar with sesshin, they are typically a week long, but not always so. Sesshin is a retreat specifically designed to help people be one with their practice of zazen.

In our busy everyday lives, it is rather difficult to settle into zazen. With all of the things we need to attend to each day, not to mention the uncertainty of current events, it isn’t easy to focus on one thing even if we are sitting on a cushion in a quiet room with others who are doing likewise. The analogy is sometimes made of the mind being like muddy water and that if we don’t interfere with that water it will settle by itself. Sesshin provides the environment to let the water settle.

In a perfect world, CZC would be able to have its own sesshin. We are a small group, however, and that isn’t possible, at least at this time. Nevertheless, I’ve been invited by Rev. Dokai Georgesen, abbot of Hokyoji, to be one of three teachers for the upcoming Aug. 10-15 sesshin. Rev. Reirin Gumbel of the Milwaukee Zen Center will be the other teacher. All three teachers will be at Hokyoji for this sesshin. Each teacher will be giving Dharma talks and dokusan.

The usual cost for attending the weeklong sesshin at Hokyoji is $600 for non-members. As you may remember, CZC had offered to provide scholarships of up to $300 for those who could not afford the whole cost.

I would like to encourage as many of you as possible to participate in this sesshin via Zoom if only during part of the day. This sesshin is open to all on a donation basis. CZC will match any donation you make and give that money directly to Hokyoji to help them with the cost of running sesshin. If you can donate $50, for example, CZC will donate $50, and so on.

While the sesshin will run from 6:30 am in the morning (about the same time we meet for morning zazen at CZC) and will continue until 9:00 pm, I think it would be quite difficult to sit all of this schedule at home. Nevertheless, by participating as you can and by being mindful that this practice is going on at this time, I think this can be beneficial to your practice. This is a way for you to get a taste of sitting a longer retreat dedicated solely to zazen.

This sesshin begins in less than three weeks. I must know by Monday, Aug. 3rd if you wish to participate.  Please send an email to confluencezen@gmail.com indicating how much of the sesshin you would like to participate in and the amount of money you intend to donate.

Thank you for your attention and dedication to the Way.

Gassho, Daigaku

Hokyoji Sesshin Daily Schedule:

6:30 am  Zazen

7:05 am  Kinhin

7:20 am Zazen

7:55 am Morning Sutra Service

8:15 am Breakfast/Break

9:30 am  Zazen

10:00 am  Kinhin

10:15 am. Dharma Talk

10:50 am. Break

11:20 am. Zazen

11:55 am Noon Sutra Service

12:15 pm Lunch/Break

2:30 pm  Zazen

3:05 pm  Kinhin

3:20 pm  Zazen

3:55 pm  Break

4:30 pm  Zazen

5:05 pm Evening Sutra Service

5:20 pm Supper/ Break

6:45 pm  Zazen

7:15 pm Kinhin

7:30 pm Dharma Talk

8:05 pm Kinhin

8:20 pm Zazen

8:45 pm Chanting Fukanzazengi

9:00 pm Evening Message and Bows


CZC Is Open; Zoom Zazen Continues

Following the CZC Board Meeting of June 20, it was determined that it is time to re-open the Zendo. Strict guidelines will be followed based on CDC recommendations:

– A mask of some type must be work inside the Zendo;
– Upon entering the building, each individual’s temperature will be taken using a non-contact thermometer;
– Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering and leaving the building, and after using the restroom;
– Social distancing of 6 feet will be implemented as much as possible;
– Sutra recitations will be done from the place where we are seated (cushions will be spaced appropriately).

Please note that zazen via Zoom will continue to be offered at this time. If you need the link or password, please contact us at Confluencezen@gmail.com.