Rohatsu Sesshin is a weeklong opportunity for zazen. It is the only sesshin that CZC conducts during the year and is the biggest event that we have. It celebrates the day that the Buddha is traditionally said to have received his complete enlightenment, December 8th (which is literally what “Rohatsu” means).

It is meant as an intensive single meditation that is spread out over seven days. All are welcome to attend either the whole sesshin, several days, one day, or any portion within a day. Note that all other normal Zen Center activities are suspended during the week and that the timings of the zazen are different than the normal daily sittings. Please click the link below for a full schedule to see when each session begins.

If you come during zazen mid-day, please sit quietly in the foyer until the next meditation starts.

If you intend to sit a whole day and participate in the meals, please contact the CZC by calling 314.669.4465 or via email at We ask for a donation of $10 for members or $20 for non-menbers to help defray the costs of the meals.

Please consider joining us for all or a portion of that week. It begins Monday, November 29 at 6:20 am, and continues until noon on Sunday, December 5.

For more details about the week’s schedule, please visit the 2021 Sesshin page.