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Hokyoji Retreat Summer 2019

Week long Sesshin opportunity this summer from August 10th -17th at Hokyoji Zen Practice Community in Eitzen, Minnesota.

Rev. Daigaku Rumme along with Rev. Dokai Georgesen, resident abbot of Hokyoji Zen Practice Community, and Rev. Reirin Gumbel of the Milwaukee Zen Center will be our guiding teachers during sesshin.  See their website for directions (click here).  Below is the cost and a tentative schedule.

Daily Schedule:
5:30 am Wake up
6:00 am Zazen (sitting meditation)
6:35 am Kinhin (walking meditation)
6:45 am Zazen
7:20 am Service
7:45 am Breakfast using oryoki
Clean up

Individual Practice

9:00 am Zazen
9:35 am Kinhin
9:45 am Zazen or dharma talk
10:40 am break
11:10 am Zazen
11:45 am Service
12:05 pm Lunch using oryoki
Clean up

Individual Practice

2:00 pm Communal work practice
3:30 pm End work
4:15 pm Zazen
4:50 pm Kinhin
5:00 pm Zazen
5:35 pm Service

6:00 pm Supper using oryoki

7:30 pm Zazen
8:05 pm Kinhin
8:15 pm Zazen
8:50 pm End of day

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2019 One-Day Sittings:
(No one-day sittings in July and August)
September 8
October 6
November 3

2019 Rohatsu Sesshin:
December 2-8 (Monday – Sunday)

2019 Ryaku Fusatsu:

September 22
December 31
(These dates are subject to change)