Rohatsu Sesshin Begins December 2, 2019

Please join us for Rohatsu Sesshin, seven days of intensive meditation practice. This year’s Rohatsu Sesshin begins Monday, December 2. The following link will take you through the entire schedule of Rohatsu Sesshin: here.. Please note that the first six days of the Sesshin follow a similar schedule, but the schedule for Day 7 differs somewhat.

Rohatsu Sesshin is a 7-day retreat that includes multiple opportunities for meditation, along with some meals. You are invited to attend all or any portion of the Rohatsu Sesshin schedule. If you intend to stay for a meal, please contact CZC by calling 314-669-4465 or via email at

If you are able to contribute a vegetable side dish for one or more meals, you will find a sign-up sheet at the Zen.