New to CZC

If you’re new to Zen practice, or new to CZC, you are very welcome at our center, and there are some easy ways to get started.  Consider joining us for our Beginner’s Night held (typically) on the first Monday evening of each month.  Beginner’s Night is designed for those who are interested in zazen meditation but have no previous experience. It offers instruction on how to sit and basic zendo (meditation space) protocol.  Scheduled Beginner’s Nights for the remainder of 2018 are:

  • Monday, May 7
  • Monday, June 4
  • Monday, July 2
  • Monday, August 6
  • Monday, September 10 (the second Monday of September, due to Labor Day)
  • Monday, October 1
  • Monday, November 5
  • Monday, December 10 (the second Monday of December, due to Rohatsu Sesshin)

* Please note date changes due to Federal holidays.

Here’s what to expect on Beginner’s Night:

6:30-7:00 pm – Introduction to the Zendo protocol and how to sit zazen
7:00-7:20 pm – Zazen meditation
7:20-7:25 pm – Kinhin (walking meditation)
7:25-7:40 pm – Zazen meditation
7:40 pm – We will read the Song of Zazen
7:45pm – Time for Q&A
End at approximately 8:00 pm

Things to know ahead of time:
-Proper attire: Please wear loose comfortable clothing, preferably of dark muted colors.
-Do not wear any revealing clothing and avoid wearing shorts in the summertime.
-Please do not wear fragrance, and keep jewelry and makeup to a minimum.

Feel free to call or e-mail to sign up for a Beginner’s night.
Phone number is (314) 669-4465 or e-mail us.